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Things I Have Loved I'm Allowed To Keep
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Quick Shots {Volume I} 
27th-May-2007 07:28 pm
jules: heart
Winning Days – The Vines
Vocally and instrumentally emotive. Grungy garage rock with an intellectual edge; wailing against society and the media, idolizing natural beauty, and capturing the world of youth. A high school favorite of mine.
rating: liked

First Impressions of Earth – The Strokes
Ear candy. A break from the traditional Strokes sound that still holds to who the Strokes are. Polished, experimental, and lyrically delicious.
rating: loved

Get Born – Jet
Rock. Not very edgy. Not very intellectual. Not very deep. But a hell of an album to listen to. Beatles-esque, good old fashioned rock and roll sound with simple, catchy lyrics.
rating: loved

Hot Fuss – The Killers
An emotional rollercoaster of synth and simple but occasionally deep lyrics. An album to encapsulate my high school experience, and my teenage, lovesick dreams. An album for a generation and a time.
rating: loved

Little Queen – Heart
Rock to Folk to Disco in 50 minutes. A perfect sampling of the band in the 70s, BEFORE they struck it big. A combination of Hard rock and Folk that combines both without degrading either. Heavy and wild. Sweet and subdued. Even a little trite and gag worthy at times.
Side note: tracks 1 and 11 are basically the same song with different lyrics. I prefer 11.
rating: loved

The Lemon of Pink – The Books
An experiment in weird audio editing that isn’t a total piece of crap. Somewhere between pop, folk, and a damaged spotty language tape. Different, interesting and exciting like a meal at a foreign restaurant, or a new flavor of tea.
rating: liked
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