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9th-Feb-2008 02:56 am - Upcoming Listens
brody: lovely
1. The White Stripes - Elephant
2. Journey - Departure
3. Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica
4. Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
5. The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
6. Reel Big Fish - Favorite Noise

So... I fell of the wagon for a bit there... okay for half a year. But here we go with another try.
10th-Jun-2007 10:43 pm - We Are The Pipettes
leia: i'm teh princess
I like the oldie-style sound The Pipettes have going. It's some interesting combination of the Phil Spector "wall of sound," a "That Thing You Do" feeling, and modern feminist themes.

I might not want to listen to it ALL THE TIME.

It's a little too peppy for me to completely relax while listening, but it's still a really cool sound/idea for a band.

rating: like
jared:  beautiful
i think i tried listening to this album once before, and didn't like it. i think i didn't like it because i felt like the praise it got was undeserved. i think i must've been in a weird mood or funk at the time.

impeccable blahs is an interesting album. the sound is a variation on the postal service indie synth sound, but it's a bit darker (in general) and contains more traditional rock sections and bits of accoustic intrumental here and there.

i actually really like it.

it's mellow, and a little depressed, and strangely... makes me want to dance. i was listening to it while walkine the dog, and was literally dancing as i went, out in public, in plain view of other people. and i really didn't care.

if it can make me forget my self-loathing even just for 43 minutes, you know it's worth something.

rating: like

but there's a good chance i'll bump it up to the "love" category.
what the fuck ever
Today I listened to They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top by Liars. With a title that long and that morbid I guess I just never saw a point in ever trying it out before.

This is seriously one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long while.. if you can forgive it the 30 minute repetitive aimless track at the end of the album (and I can).

It has elements from lots of other bands I’ve listened to, but the album’s sound is it’s own. It’s not a cheap imitation.

I can’t exactly put my finger on what it is that makes the album so refreshing. I like the experimental folly sounds used for percussion, and the traditional indie-punk guitar, the well placed synth, and the slight accent on the lead singer. But something tells me that even with all of the bits that I love about the album, I could’ve completely hated it as a whole if it wasn't for the intangible inexplanable tone of the album.

This makes me question a lot of my musical taste. It makes me think, that no matter how well I define what bits of songs I like, I’ll never be able to pin down the real reason I love anything. Because it isn’t just the instruments, the vocals, the mixing, the arrangement… it’s the tone, it’s the je ne sais quoi that means everything.

So what makes They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top a great album? What’s been making me drool over it all day?

I have no idea.

But I do highly recommend it.

rating: loved it
27th-May-2007 07:28 pm - Quick Shots {Volume I}
jules: heart
Winning Days – The Vines
Vocally and instrumentally emotive. Grungy garage rock with an intellectual edge; wailing against society and the media, idolizing natural beauty, and capturing the world of youth. A high school favorite of mine.
rating: liked

First Impressions of Earth – The Strokes
Ear candy. A break from the traditional Strokes sound that still holds to who the Strokes are. Polished, experimental, and lyrically delicious.
rating: loved

Get Born – Jet
Rock. Not very edgy. Not very intellectual. Not very deep. But a hell of an album to listen to. Beatles-esque, good old fashioned rock and roll sound with simple, catchy lyrics.
rating: loved

Hot Fuss – The Killers
An emotional rollercoaster of synth and simple but occasionally deep lyrics. An album to encapsulate my high school experience, and my teenage, lovesick dreams. An album for a generation and a time.
rating: loved

Little Queen – Heart
Rock to Folk to Disco in 50 minutes. A perfect sampling of the band in the 70s, BEFORE they struck it big. A combination of Hard rock and Folk that combines both without degrading either. Heavy and wild. Sweet and subdued. Even a little trite and gag worthy at times.
Side note: tracks 1 and 11 are basically the same song with different lyrics. I prefer 11.
rating: loved

The Lemon of Pink – The Books
An experiment in weird audio editing that isn’t a total piece of crap. Somewhere between pop, folk, and a damaged spotty language tape. Different, interesting and exciting like a meal at a foreign restaurant, or a new flavor of tea.
rating: liked
27th-May-2007 07:26 pm - Quick Shots {About}
brody: lovely
For the first time in a while I’m moving forward and seeking out new music, new tones, new styles, new people, trying to get out of the rut I’ve been dragging through, and trying to rediscover my own musical taste. When I first defined my musical taste I said, “that’s it. That’s me. I don’t need to look any farther.” But the music I listened to in high school is slowly becoming less and less interesting to me and I’m moving in different directions.

Still, I can’t really move over the horizon and into new territory until I recover my old territory, both for my own sake, so that I can remember my roots, and for you, so you can understand where I’m coming from.

Quick shots are short 50- word paragraphs describing albums I have loved in the past, or albums I currently love as simply and sweetly as I can write. Hopefully I’ll manage to do my old favorites some justice.

Eventually I’ll be doing Quick Shots of albums reviewed in this blog. I may be going back and writing larger reviews for some, or I might be reiterating my previously stated feelings about new albums in these little posts. I’ll be linking Quick Shots to any associated full reviews for your convenience.
Charlotte: evil
I commend them for coming up with cool names for things. The album in places sounds A LOT like the Von Bondies. Specifically the song Dear Hearts. The kid’s voice sounds exactly like Jason Stollsteimer, and both the tune and the emotion of the lyrics sound exactly like something Jason Stollsteimer would sing.

Their overall sound is a little less sorrowful than that of the Von Bondies, leaning more towards the sound of songs like “C’mon, Cmon” and “Not That Social” than songs like “Mairead.”

That can be seen as a good thing for sure, but as with Apples in Stereo there’s not a whole lot of variation in sound, pace, emotion, feeling, tone, etc.


Now that I’ve actually looked it up it turns out that The Murder City Devils were actually around long before the Von Bondies, and that they actually are no longer active. This album came out in 1998 and the Von Bondies didn’t get together until 2000.

That’s always interesting to me to find out that the things I’m thinking are “influences” on something are actually probably the ones being influenced.

Also it turns out they have more albums that came out AFTER this one. It’d be interesting to see how their sound evolved over the years.

rating: meh
27th-May-2007 12:06 am - Velocity of Sound - Apples in Stereo
Albert: so gay
Over the last couple of days I’ve been listening to Velocity of Sound an album by Apples in Stereo.

It reminds me of a mix of the Vines and Zoloft the Rock and Roll Destroyer. I really hate ZRRD truth be told. They’re just too fucking happy. Velocity of Sound has a little of that going on. The happiness that is.

And when I say it reminds me of the Vines I don’t necessarily mean that it SOUNDS like the Vines (although at times it does). I mean that a lot of the times it’s like a wall of sound hitting you right in the face. There’s the guitar, the drumbs, the bass, the voices singing in cute little harmonies.

It’s a good sound… but there’s no sense of delicateness. You see the same problem with The Like. It’s not that they’re bad, persay, it’s that they’re not GREAT. A few minutes ago I wrote a thing about The Tain by The Decemberists, most of which was praising their ability to use different sounds, tempos and emotions with just their instruments.

It’s an odd juxtaposition because with bands like Apples in Stereo, The Like and, yes, The Vines, there's not really much grasp of the possibilities of music making. They pick one direction and sort of run with it. MIND YOU I’m fond of all of these bands (in varying degrees), but other than “it’s a peppy fun pop/rock album” I can’t say much for Velocity of Sound.

It’s fun to listen to. Good to walk to. But not necessarily rock and roll genius.

rating: meh
26th-May-2007 11:47 pm - The Tain EP - The Decemberists
leia: i'm teh princess
I woke up early this morning, and decided to stay in bed. I snuggled my iPod in between my pillows and put my headphones on. Nice and cozy I picked the morning’s music.

The Tain an EP by the Decemberists. I’d really wanted to hear it for a while, but just kept getting side tracked.

I liked it right away.

Here upon this pillow…

My eyes opened just a little, peeking over the wrinkled sheets at my iPod sitting on it’s pillow. How appropriate.

The bluesy guitar quickly swept me off, a surprise as a part of a Decemberists album, where I would’ve expected accordions and violins. I liked it. A fantastic combination of the traditional Decemberists sound and some heavy Led Zeppelin influences.

she’s a salty little pisser
with your cock in her kisser…

Yeah, I liked the lyrics.

Part II picks up with...Collapse )

rating: liked it
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